Analyzing the Level of Development in Subdistricts of South Pars Installations Region in Bushehr Province of Iran



         A serious and in depth study is needed to examine the rural areas in the South Pars Installations zone, so that on this base programs appropriate to the potentials and existing possibilities of rural areas are designed and implemented. On this line, this paper attempts to measure the relative level of development and to identify development gap between the sub districts in the area with respect to their endowment from socio economic indices in South Pars Installation zone. The study applied Morris and numerical taxonomy models to identify the level of development and 65 indices were selected in different socio-economic areas at subdistrict level for the year 2006. The variation coefficients were used to study the inequality in rural development and the level of dispersion of the indices. The findings indicated that 15.4 percent of subdistricts were situated in well endowed, 38.5 percent in relatively endowed and 46.1 percent in deprived areas.     Rural Development/ South Pars (Region in Iran)/ Bushehr (Province of Iran)/ Morris Model.