Aims and Scope

  1. Provide the ground for researchers and concerned authorities to be familiar with the issue of rural development and growth
  2. Strengthen the theoretical base of rural development and growth through the publication of scientific professional articles as well as the reviews of theories by experts in rural studies
  3. Open up a new space for scientific activities in rural areas and development in Iran
  4. Pave the executive and practical grounds for rural development programs
  5. Provide the scientific and information resources and references required for rural development research
  6. Present the suggestions and solutions resulting from the studies and researches carried out both inside and outside the Institute (APERDRI) on the pivotal issues as well as the essential and strategic needs for rural development
  7. Promote and disseminate rural development science and explain its position in agricultural development and national development of Iran
  8. Explain the position of agriculture and rural development in national development
  9. Establish academic research interactions between universities and related administrations