Application of Fuzzy Goal Programming Approach in Determining Optimal Cropping Pattern to Achieve Sustainable Rural Development Goals: Subsector of Farming, Amol County of Iran



Given the role and importance of agricultural farms management, applying the mathematical programming models has also important role in determining the optimal cropping pattern. The objectives of this study included profit (gross margin) maximizing (scenario 1), achieving self-sufficiency of essential agricultural products (scenario 2), sustainable agricultural development (scenario 3), maximizing the employment opportunities (scenario 4), and achieving these goals simultaneously (scenario 5). These objectives are important to achieve sustainable rural development in which the sustainability involves three economic, social and environmental dimensions. In this study, in order to suggest an optimal cropping pattern using simple random sampling method, a sample size of 124 was selected from agricultural areas of Amol Tcounty. Study results showed that scenario 5 made an interaction between scenarios 1 to 4. In addition, in this model, less attention was paid to economic and social goals; in contrast, the self-sufficiency and environmental goals were mostly fulfilled.